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Get ready for tomorrow’s energy production. At Fortum eNext, we help you improve your thermal plant operations and reduce emissions.

Fortum eNext

Fortum India proud to announce first ISO Integrated Management System Certification

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Fortum eNext supports energy producers in industry transformation

Fortum eNext helps thermal power plants improve their operations and reduce emissions. Our offering includes highly specialized expert services throughout the whole life cycle of a power plant, such as environmental solutions and turbine and generator repairs and overhauls. Further, Fortum eNext provides full-scope operation and maintenance services as well as solutions for energy system optimization.

We operate, further to Nordic countries, in Continental Europe, Great Britain, Russia, and in selected international markets. Fortum has experience in various projects in India since 1990's. We have over 300 professionals and more than 2,000 clients worldwide.

Independent service provider with strong utility background

We understand the regulatory requirements as well as the needs and perspective of a power plant owner, and want to make sure our customers retain both technological and financial competitiveness.

We are independent of equipment manufacturers: we are able to modernise and maintain equipment and technologies from several different suppliers, and always propose our customers the most suitable solution, regardless of their original technology provider.

Guarantee of success


We operate and serve also our own fleet

We are familiar with the needs and priorities of a utility


Safety is a top priority in everything we do

Quality Assurance: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified


Tailored solutions for any OEM’s equipment

Proven and patented technologies

Continuous R&D due to continuously tightening emission limits in the EU


Projects and presence in India for the last two decades

First low-NOx projects at Fortum’s own power plants in early 1990’s

First international low-NOx project for ČEZ in Czech Republic in 1994

What is Fortum eNext?

In recent years, energy laws and regulations have tightened all around the world. Fortum eNext’s task is to help you meet them by making your plant more efficient and more sustainable. You can choose from an array of proven solutions that revise plant processes, make them fit for the coming years, and build shareholder value.

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mr. Antti Heinolainen
Product Manager, Environmental Performance
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