Cleaner air for India with proven low-NOx technology

Reduce NOx emission levels in thermal power plants with Fortum eNext low-NOx solutions. Guaranteed to comply with India's environmental regulations without increase in operational expenses.

Fortum eNext

Fortum India proud to announce first ISO Integrated Management System Certification

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Fortum eNext provides a time and cost saving solution to help you comply with the new NOx emission regulation. We can guarantee that with our primary NOx reduction methods emission level of 300 mg/Nm³ and below can be met without increase in operational expenses. Fortum eNext low-NOx solution is based on State-of-the-art Primary Methods. What we deliver is always tailored to fit your plant and any OEM’s technology, achieving best possible results for your plant. Our deliveries always include remote monitoring and technical support for the warranty period.

With Fortum eNext low-NOx solution

Lower emissions

New emission norms for thermal plants can be fulfilled

You invest wisely

Only necessary one time investment (capex), no increase in operational costs (opex)

Your investment is secure

We give our deliveries a guarantee of success

Fortum's low-NOx technology

Fortum's low- NOx delivery always starts with an assessment of the current design and performance of the boiler, and by analyzing data provided by the customer. As a second step Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling is conducted to design the optimal OFA system and needed burner modifications for the case in question, to achieve the required NOx emission reduction. Our delivery is an efficient turnkey project with short production down time. Technical implementation will be carried out in co-operation with our local partners.

Fortum eNext low nox


NTPC awarded Fortum a certificate of proven NOx reduction technology

In 2017 NTPC gave Fortum eNext the possibility to perform a pilot study at its Ramagundam power plant. The results of the study showed that with Fortum's primary NOx reduction technology, including burner modification and over firing system (OFA), the desired NOx emission levels given by Indian regulation can easily be met at a local power plant in India.

By having Fortum eNext as your partner, you can

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Secure the value of your assets and continuous income.

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Achieve environmental compliance and clean image in international markets.

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Provide a brighter future and breathe clean air.

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