Cleaner air for India with proven low-NOx technology

Reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emission levels in thermal power plants with Fortum eNext low-NOx solutions. Guaranteed to comply with India's environmental regulations without an increase in operating expenses.


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Advantages of primary methods in NOx reduction

For thermal power plants
Lower emissions

Besides reduced emissions, also plant performance can be enhanced through the optimisation of boiler operations

Cost efficient
Wise investment

Requires only a one-time investment (capex), no increase in operational costs (opex)

Collaboration partners
Your investment is secure

We guarantee the success of our deliveries

Time- and cost-saving solution

Clean air is essential to our own health and wellbeing as well as to that of the surrounding environment. While much progress has already been made in tackling air pollutants, poor air quality continues to pose a significant health threat worldwide. Nations are increasingly tightening their limits on maximum allowed emission levels in power production, and, simultaneously, asset owners are looking for solutions to reduce emissions in the most cost efficient way as possible.

Fortum eNext provides a time- and cost-saving combustion solution to help you comply with NOx emission regulations. We guarantee that with our solution, based on advanced primary methods, an emission level of 300 mg/Nm³ and below can be achieved without an increase in your operating expenses. What we deliver is always tailored to fit your plant and any OEM’s technology to achieve the best possible results for your plant. Our deliveries always include remote monitoring and technical support for the warranty period.


Why employing primary methods for NOx emission reduction is cost-effective?

Investing in primary methods is always wise

An investment in primary methods is always an economical way to cut down emissions in the long run, regardless of the boiler’s current set-up. A solution based on primary methods requires a reasonable one-off CAPEX investment for the customer without any increase in OPEX and is therefore very cost-effective.

The table below offers a comparison of alternative NOx reduction technologies and solutions to reach 300 mg/Nm3 at all times.

Comparison of NOx reduction technologies

Comparison of NOx reduction technologies


Fortum's low-NOx delivery description

Fortum's low-NOx delivery always starts with an assessment of the current design and boiler performance and an analysis of the data provided by the customer. Step two involves Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling to design the optimal OFA system and the burner modifications needed to achieve the required NOx emission reduction. Our delivery is an efficient turnkey project with short production down time. The technical implementation is carried out in co-operation with our local partners.

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