Fortum Charge & Drive

Fortum Charge & Drive is the most advanced solution for operating a charging network. We deliver everything needed to create superior end-user experiences from mobile applications to top-rated customer support.

About Charge & Drive

Fortum’s program for electric transportation has been ongoing in various forms since the 1980s, and in 2011 it was commercialized under the Charge & Drive brand. We have ventured in India making it the first country outside Europe in the Charge & Drive space with the cloud based system (SAAS).

Constantly improving

Our “proof of concept” is becoming the market leader in the leading EV market in the world. We are dedicated to constantly improving and developing the service by introducing new features every 2 weeks.

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Mr. Awadhesh Jha
Vice President Charge & Drive & Sustainability
Fortum Charge & Drive India Pvt. Ltd.
Tel: +91 124 4418800


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