Solar solutions

Interested in producing your own solar energy? Fortum offers solutions to private and business customers.

Solar Panel

Affordable and renewable

Cost of solar power has decreased rapidly during last years and solar power can offer affordable renewable electricity from large scale installations and rooftop solutions. We offer competitive and sustainable consumer and B2B solar solutions in Indian markets.

Investing in solar power

In less than 2 hours the Earth receives from the Sun the amount of energy we consume annually.  We aim to have a proactive role in developing solar power and growth in solar power is one of our strategic development areas. We seek to invest in the range of EUR 200–400 million in solar projects in India.


  • Solar is at commercial & industrial grid parity in few Indian States
  • Ideally suited for meeting peaking power requirements
  • Modular/Scalable to meet changing demand
  • Environment friendly
  • Rapid implementation of project vis a vis other technologies
  • Distributed Generation capabilities – near to load centers
  • Minimal cost of maintenance due to no moving parts
Solar solutions

Solar power is the key to a clean energy future. Every day, the sun gives off far more energy than we need to power everything on earth

Solar power

India Solar power plants: Fortum has five operating solar plants in India: Amrit, Kapeli, Bhadla and Pavagada.