Fortum Charge & Drive India Trans­forms into GLIDA; electri­fying mobility future in India
Pavagada solar plant

Your global partner for all energy needs

We are ready to take the lead in driving the transformation towards a cleaner world. In India, we offer sustainable solar solutions, electric vehicle charging services and help you improve your plant operations and reduce emissions.


GLIDA (Formerly known as Fortum Charge & Drive India) is the most advanced solution for operating a charging network. We deliver everything needed to create superior end-user experiences from mobile applications to top-rated customer support.

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Solar Power

Solar power is the key to a clean energy future. Every day, the sun gives off far more energy than we need to power everything on earth.

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We are living in a world of alarming climate change and diminishing natural resources. In the future, using biomass in energy production will be minimized. Renewable energy is getting cheaper and abundant, but there will be an increasing scarcity of materials.

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Green Hydrogen

Hydrogen is already in widespread use, mainly as an industrial feedstock for methanol and ammonia. It is produced mostly from natural gas and coal, which account for more than 95% of pure hydrogen production today. Green hydrogen is the only type of hydrogen compatible with a long-term sustainable energy system.

Wind Power

Wind power plays a key role in Fortum’s strategy. Over the last few years we have taken many steps to grow our portfolio in wind. With excellent wind condi­tions in India, and with increased efficiency through larger rotors and economies of scale, wind power is a key part of our move to zero-emissions electricity production.

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