In support of the common good in society

In India we support local communities with several projects in the vicinity of our solar power plants. Among other things, we have improved water service in the villages as well as lighting and cooling with fans for health care center and schools.

Empowering education for hundreds of students in Rajasthan

We equipped three schools in Rajasthan have been with solar-powered infrastructure in 2014. The corporate social responsibility initiative accompanying our first investment of 5 MW solar plant in Bhilwara.

Strengthening Kapeli’s education, healthcare and water infrastructure

We equipped schools in Kapeli with basic electricity infrastructure, powered by solar energy. We also energised the only clinic in the village with solar-powered infrastructure to ensure 24X7 uninterrupted basic medical aid facilities. Fortum has also constructed a 10,000-liter water tank in the village Kapeli to help villagers have immediate access to water.