Nourished by Nordic roots, GLIDA is branching out to make its mark in India

Fortum Charge and Drive India rebranded its identity to GLIDA on 12th July 2023. All of us at Glida are very excited about our new Brand Ideantity™. This concept is different from identity as it intensifies our identity by connecting the latest name to our core purpose.

Is it a new company? Have we been separated from Fortum? The answer is a clear no.

The truth is that our identity has just evolved from Fortum Charge & Drive India to GLIDA, but our ethos remains the same: To enable Indian Electric Vehicle (EV) users to move freely without any hesitation by creating a reliable and robust public charging network in India. GLIDA in Swedish means to Glide smoothly.

We have had an amazing journey with our earlier brand 'Fortum Charge & Drive India' which we adopted from our parent company – Fortum, reflecting the deeply rooted values of our Finnish parent company. Through our growing years, we have embraced the brand’s global visual guidelines exuding modernity, optimism, and joy. Thanks to the support of our valued Indian patrons - customers, location partners, charger manufacturers, and car manufacturers, we have achieved significant progress in India’s EV charging sector throughout our years of growth under our old brand identity.

It is the trust of all our stakeholders that is continuously empowering us to differentiate and adapt in a rapidly evolving Indian EV market while following the robust value system of our parent company.

As India embarks on its distinct electric mobility journey, we recognize the need to expand our role. It is not just about meeting the need, but it is also our fervent desire to cater to the expectations and aspirations of our Indian users, who hold us in high regard and anticipate greater innovations tailored specifically for India. So, we feel motivated to dedicate our brand’s appearance and identity to meet the unique needs of our Indian audience. This is why we spent the last 18 months listening to Indian EV users and found our new Brand Ideantity™ in 'GLIDA'. It stands for our transformative new identity that reflects our ambition to empower every Indian EV user with ‘All Lights Green’.

The new design is bold and confident, and ties together with a delicate composition between a green leaf and graphic elements, an active but minimalistic layout emphasizing our focus on quality. It also reflects our promise to be the best partner for our customers and the entire Indian EV community. Finally, it inspires us to empower every EV user to move freely without any hesitation.

The timing feels just right, as we believe our business has matured enough to transition towards an independent brand identity like a human being who yearns for its own identity. When we were a young entrant, we relied on our parent company but now that we have attained adolescence in the Indian market, we feel the need to own our brand. At this stage, like any parent, Fortum recognizes that the child needs her own space to grow, and they continue to support us like the root of the tree supports its branch. Glida is branching out nourished by its Nordic Roots as it grows.

In other words, while we continue to be an integral part of Fortum, we are proudly independent to create meaningful customer experiences for the Indian market.

Welcome to the new beginning. Welcome to GLIDA.

And our journey to build a cleaner world continues with even greater vigor and momentum. For our journey ahead all lights are green.