Proven low-NOx technology with minimised life cycle costs to comply with new emission limits

As India joins the global push to tackle climate change, the Government of India is undertaking various large-scale sustainable power projects and promoting green energy heavily. In order to reduce Green House Gases, the Indian government has, among other things, defined new allowed NOx emission levels for thermal power plants in India to be achieved by 2022.

Fortum can help you leap over several inevitable development steps

Over the last 30 years, the European Union has periodically tightened the NOx emission regulation for coal fired power plants. Fortum has developed own NOx reduction technology since 1990's and successfully completed more than 50 similar projects in Central Europe and Asia.

Our valuable experience in designing and implementing low-NOx combustion refurbishments of pulverized coal fired combustion plants globally proves, that primary methods are the most cost and time effective way of achieving significant NOx emission reductions.

Seminars on NOx reduction in thermal power plants through primary means

We are pleased to bring to you two seminars on employing our state-of-the-art primary methods for NOx emission reduction. Fortum will take you through the process of NOx reduction and show how you can bring down from the existing level of NOx emissions to lower levels to comply with latest norms of Central Pollution Control Board by employing primary methods.

The seminars will be held April 9, 2019 at New Delhi and April 11, 2019 at Mumbai.

Fortum has experience in various projects in India since 1990's. We can guarantee that with our primary NOx reduction methods emission level of 300 mg/Nm³ and below can be met without increase in operational expenses. The implementation will be carried out in co-operation with our local partners.

Fortum eNext − your partner in power plant perfection

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